Learn About Heybrook


Annotated SNOCO MapHeybrook Ridge is located just upstream of the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Skykomish River and just southeast of the Town of Index.  When trails are completed the park will provide several hikes with fantistic vistas.  More maps…



History of Heybrook Ridge

Board of DirectorsHistorian Louise Lindgren has provided a short history of the Ridge from the native Skykomish People, through the early 1920’s when the booming timber industry peaked, to the year 2007 when citizens organized to preserve the forest.  Read the full history here…

History of Index

Historian David Cameron has provided a brief history of the Town of Index.  If you like this you should visit the official site of the Index Historical Society.  Read more about the town of Index at the website of the Index Historical Society.

Ecology of Heybrook

Ecological Essays

We are anticipating a number of articles about the ecology of Heybrook Ridge.

1. For those interested in birds, bees and trees on Heybrook Ridge follow this link (Inventory Plants and Animals) for a list of plants (164 species) and animals (113 species including insects) found on the Heybrook Ridge parcel, surveyed by our multi-talented board members Bob Hubbard and Cate Burnett.

2. Bob Hubbard’s article ‘Vole Angst Sign’ about spotting a water vole at the toe of the north slope on Heybrook Ridge.


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