May 2015 Trail Alignment

Trail Alignment Identified and Flagged by Ann Darlington 


Kem, Ann, Chris (Photo by Mark Klein)

On May 18, 2015 FOHR members joined SnoCo Parks Planner Chris Mueller on the now fully-flagged and barely-brushed trail up the north (Index town) side of Heybrook Ridge. It is 2.2 miles long, and meanders from wetlands at the bottom through golden-green woods, alongside cliffs, a rest spot near a small waterfall, and peaks at the top of the ridge under the power line. From there one can head south to the 35 acre parcel of Park land with its spectacular views of Bridal Veil Falls and the Skykomish Valley. The trail we hiked will be the 1st of many that SnoCo County Parks and Rec have planned for Heybrook Ridge County Park. Check out SnoCo’s page on the park at, where you can see a map of the proposed trail system (at The yellow line shows the trail we hiked and that Mark Klein so beautifully photographed.

FOHR will cover ~ 2/3 of the estimated cost of construction of this Phase 1 trail via a contribution of $40,000 to the County. We will continue to raise funds for future trails (see red and purple lines on Snohomish County website map). Our next event will be our FOHR booth at the August 1st Index Arts Festival, where we will talk up our projects and have new t-shirts and colorful socks for sale. Join us at Doolittle Park in Index for a full day of arts and crafts, poetry, food, music and dancing.


(L to R) David Meier, Cate Burnett, Chris Mueller, Ann Darlington, Kem Hunter. Yellow flags are for site-line and pink are for trail center. (photo by Mark Klien)


Peak of the ridge under the power lines, Mounts Index and Persis in background. (L to R) David, Kem, Kate, Ann, Chris. (photo by Mark Klein)