Our Mission

Mission Statement as updated in December 2011 to reflect accomplishments since 2008 when the land was purchased to become a future Snohomish County Park.

Heybrook Ridge from Index (by Louise Lindgren)

Heybrook Ridge from Index (by Louise Lindgren)

“The Friends of Heybrook Ridge intend to work with Snohomish County and community partnerships in order to preserve flora and fauna of the ridge in perpetuity and to develop recreational and focused learning experiences for a diverse population.

Development of educational experiences may include production of interpretive programs and signage, works of art, classes for all educational levels, or other initiatives that will enhance the experience of Heybrook Ridge visitors”.

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Positive Impacts Benefit Many

The 130 acres of Snohomish County’s newest park hold abundant potential benefits to all of us.  These benefits are summarized below, and you may want to read more…

  • Connectivity with adjacent public lands that links the Reiter Forest near Gold Bar to the Forks of the Sky Wilderness
  • Increased recreation – great low elevation hiking with spectacular views
  • Protection from flooding / Preservation of a fishery
  • Increase in Skykomish Valley’s economic vitality by drawing visitors for hiking and educational tourism
  • Cultural and natural history education programs for students of all ages in this 100+ year old second growth forest