Trail Building Skills

Message from the FOHR Board: Let the trail work parties begin! Washington Trails Association sets up first work dates for March and April  

FORH wants you

The Friends of Heybrook Ridge asks for your help.


If you or someone you know might be able to help, please check with Washington Trails Association website  [Please link HERE for instructions on signing up for trail work parties] .  For details see letter below from FOHR board member Susan Chatlos-Susor.

Dear FOHR members,

Late last month our Friends of Heybrook Ridge president, Ann Darlington, met with Kevin Teague from Snohomish Parks and Recreation, Jen Gradisher from the Washington Trails Association, Louie Coglas from the Everett Mountaineers, and Jim Elsea, FOHR webmaster. They walked the first Heybrook Ridge County Park (“Phase 1”) Trail to evaluate its needs and determine what’s next for trail development on HRCP. Throughout its 1-3/4 mile length, there are some basic improvements that need addressing such as widening the trail, building retaining walls, cribbing and step building, and reducing erosion risk by improving drainage.

We have assembled a great team. WTA’s Gradisher is currently assessing their availability for 2017; it looks like WTA can take the lead on trail work from March 15th to the end of April. The Everett Mountaineers wish to bring their resources to HRCP as their priority for all of 2017. After April, WTA will return to their annual summer commitment of work on US Forest Service trails, and the Mountaineers and FOHR-generated volunteers will continue to improve the Phase 1 Trail. In September, Gradisher has offered to bring the WTA resources back to HRCP to work further on the Phase 1 trail (if needed) and to help plan Heybrook’s Phase 2 Trail. This 2nd trail is planned as a nearly flat loop in the lower wetland area of the Park, whose design will be consistent with ADA trail standards.

This communication is to keep you updated on developments and calls for help for Heybrook Ridge County Park. Ever since the dream of this Park became possible in 2008 (when the planned clearcut was stopped, we provided half the cost of purchasing the property, and SnoCo Parks delivered with the other half), many of you have expressed an interest in helping with trail building. The preliminary trail is in place and now needs to be improved and finished. Our Trails Team (FOHR, SnoCo Parks, WTA and Everett Mountaineers) invites you to participate as a trail-building volunteer. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP!! If you are interested, please join us, ideally beginning in mid-March. If you have not worked on a trail crew before, no problem: WTA and Mountaineer folks will train you on the job. And if you have skills in trail work or design, that’s a bonus we would love to tap into. To sign up, go directly to the WTA website ( and sign up for a Heybrook Ridge County Park work party. The schedule should be posted by mid-February.   [Please link HERE for instructions on signing up for trail work parties]  

And to be sure we don’t lose out on your willingness to help, I will contact members again when the exact dates for WTA work parties are determined.

As a Board member, I thank you for your tenacity to see the dream come true and look forward to working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Susan Chatlos-Susor