Update from Ann 9-5-2016

Update from the Friends of Heybrook Ridge

September 2016

It’s been a busy spring and summer for FOHR and Heybrook Ridge County Park.

Trail Inspection Crew

Construction of the “Phase 1 Trail” began in March and refinements on the trail continue through this fall. The 1-3/4 mile trail is open to the public, but hiker beware: there are still areas that need shoring up, including the placement of retaining walls and log or rock checks in its steeper sections.

Rock steps on steep grade

Rock steps on steep grade




Those who have hiked the trail exclaim over its well-designed alignment, and its calm, green beauty on the lower sections (unless you happen to be near the railroad track when a freight train comes through town and curves along the Ridge’s western border).   Unparalleled views from the top of the trail include Bridal Veil Falls on Mt. Index, as well as the breadth of the Skykomish River Valley, from Mt Persis to the valley’s eastern peaks. Karen Sample’s article in the May/June edition of The Index Wall tells it well.








Hearty kids scamper up the trail while many of the rest of us momentarily pause here and there to catch our breath.









Deer on trail

Deer on trail

Wildlife shares the trail with us humans, so kindly take care and be respectful of this shared space.







The trail begins at the back side of the parking lot located on the south side of the Index-Galena Road, about 20 yards west of the Index town bridge. The lot is gated until its construction can be completed, as its surface will remain vulnerable until gravel can be imported. Cars can now fit in front of the gate.

James & Kevin, Snohomish County Parks

James & Kevin, Snohomish County Parks

FOHR continues to work closely with Snohomish County Parks and Recreation to develop the trail, parking area, kiosk and signage. Our goals are to complete this trail by early 2017, initiate educational programs, and begin work on a Phase Two trail.  This second trail is planned as a relatively level, lowland hike and will start directly east of the current trailhead. It should one day be stroller and wheelchair accessible.



Arts Fest Mardie Ann MeridethSuch dreams are sweet and obtainable, but of course require money to realize. And so we continue to fundraise. Our booth at the Index Arts Festival in August took in over $700 from sales of socks, tee shirts, and donations.





Our next big event will be 9th annual Heybrook Hoedown. Mark your calendars for the evening of November 5th.   We welcome you to join us in fun, food, live music (Spare Rib and the Bluegrass Sauce) and, of course, the opportunity to purchase donated items and art.   Once again (due to the Corson family’s generosity), it will be held at the River House in Index, WA. Details to follow as we put them together…

Genuine thanks to our volunteers and supporters.

Ann Darlington, President

BOD, Friends of Heybrook Ridge